Time Share, Useage Fees, Annual Fees, Special Assessments

Time Share, Useage Fees, Annual Fees, Special Assessents!

Is Coastal a time share?

How does Coastal differ from a time share?

The simple answer is no! Coastal Travel is not a time share!

What we are is a group of like minded individuals who enjoy the freedom of being able to travel and enjoy the luxuries of traveling and enjoying luxury at the absolute lowest cost, without sacrificing quality or service,and passing that on to as many others, as possible.

Do I have to pay annual fees, usage fees, special assessments, or maintenance fees?

No, there are no dues, usage or  or maintenance fees involved. There is a strictly optional one time annual fee to update 5 of the 27 discount cards. This is to  make sure that the info about those vendors stays current or new vendors added . It is a minimal charge of  $89.00, but like I said, it is optional. Most of our venders have been with us for many, many years, but occasionally an address or telephone number can change, or new vendor added.

What is your advantage over a time share?


Usage Fees, Annual Fees, Special Assessments!

Well, lets take a look at a typical time share vendors operation.

Usually the vendor will charge you a one-time fee, upfront of $25,000 or more. It may be difficult to purchase financing and interest rates may be high. You have to write a check, or purchase financing from a lending institution for perhaps 10 or more years (essentially a mortgage) . Now you have that hanging over your head! It can be difficult to sell your time  share, (you will never recoup your initial investment). But that isn’t the end of it. You also have an annual maintenance fee. That is about $1,000 or $2,ooo.

Depending on your agreement, you may be permitted to stay 1, or 2, weeks at your home location, per year. (this time is pre designated in your contract and can be difficult to alter). You may be able to stay at a “sister site,” for an additional fee!

It still doesn’t end there. Before you leave. you have a cleanup fee of about $300 or $500 to pay.

If the resort has some updating needed, you could be responsible for a portion of  that cost too!

How does the Coastal Travel operation work?

It is very simple and straight forward:

  1. Purchase either the Basic, Premier, or Platinum package, for one low fee.
  2. Pay once and use for a lifetime.
  3. When wanting to travel, Select one of our vendors and destination and a time.
  4. Pay the vendor a small fee, usually $300 , or less, for an entire week, at one of many thousands of luxury resorts, world wide, and enjoy!

Which would you prefer, time share or Coastal Travel?

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