Spring Break Locations

Spring Break locations, where to go, where to stay? Now that we are solidly into the year 2019, college students are beginning to think about Spring Break and Spring Break locations. Its nearing time to close those books and have some fun!

Where to go?

The first thoughts are about where to go.

There are so many popular Spring Break locations. How much excitement do I want? Do I want to be beach Side, or do I preferr a more quiet and scenic Spring Break location?

How much money can I afford to spend?

Should I team up with 3 0r 4 or more others in a small, ill equipped motel room, or do I want a well equipped, spacious and comfortable setting?

Where to go?******

Here are some of the most popular destinations and Spring break locations:

  1. Panama City Beach
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Myrtle Beach
  4. Venice Beach
  5. Miami Beach
  6. Lake Havasu
  7. South Padre Island
  8. Myrtle Beach

Overseas Locations

Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Nassau San Juan, Cancun,

Negril, and Punta Cana

Thousands of locations

This is pretty much a no-brainer! The Coastal packages have thousands of locations to stay, like those listed above. On any given day you can see a list of hundreds upon hundreds of luxury condos that sleep 6 or 8 people, many of which are $300 for the week, or less, so why settle with a small cramped hotel or motel room, in stead of all the luxuries of home?

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