Travel for Pennies on the Dollar

What you should know about airline tickets

How do I get the lowest price from the airline?

What you should know, before booking?

Book your trip early. 

Booking 21 or more days prior to the flight will get you the best price. (you will also get a better seat selection.)

Prices are cheaper mid week. 

Book your flight flight for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Plan to stay over Saturday.

Alternate Airports

Flying to or from a surrounding area is often cheaper.  But you have to consider ground transportation.

Time of Day

Flying earlier or later in the day can make a big difference in price.


  1. GB Global Industries LLC on December 15, 2018 at 2:36 am

    My last time I flew, I booked 30 days in advance. The day before my flight, that seat was $100 more.

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