Smoky Mountains Fall Colors

Love the Fall Colors

Just returned home from a one  week vacation in the Smoky Mountains, in Tennessee.

Fall Colors In The Tennessee Mountains.

I booked a vacation at a Wyndham Resort at Fairield Glade, at the foot of the Smoky Mountains.
When you live in South Florida, all you see is green.  Green bushes, green grass, and green tree laves are everywhere you look. You are thinking, that sounds wonderful , but sometimes you have the desire for something different.
I chose the last week in October to book an 8 day vacation.  Local folks told me I booked the best week to see the fall colors! They certainly were right, Driving around the area, the trees were so colorful!   but it was not practical to stop,   I did manage to pull over a few times to take some memorable pictures,



About the Resort

I used my travel package, of course, and saved about $1,463 dollars on an 8 night stay. My price was only $275.00. The on-line price was $1,738.10 This was a 2 bedroom condo, with private bath for each room, full kitchen with granite top, dining room, family area with pull-out sofa and two large comfortable chairs, and a nice back porch. The wooded area, behind was beautiful!

The amenities

There was 5 golf courses, indoor and outdoor pools, recreation center, riding stable, tennis courts, wellness center, and more. Many organized activities as well. There was even a small shopping center complex within the resort..


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This is a nice place to visit, in Fall or Summer. Rooms were clean, full kitchen, large dining room table, two large bedrooms with private bathrooms. Good sized family room with comfortable chairs, washer and drier. All facilities were good, shopping and places to eat very nearby, and if you enjoy golf, there was 5 golf courses to choose from.

Looking for travel and leisure, The Coastal Vacations Travel package will not only get you 75% discount for the condo, but also 50% off on golf equipment and green fees and a host of other discounts. Contact us, and check it out! If your bucket list includes a trip to the mountains, viewing Fall Colors,  or a week of playing golf, this Wyndham Resort is a perfect fit, to check off an item, or two, on your list.


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