The Business Incentive Program

Business Incentives.

Attention business owners – We have the hottest business incentive program, that really does work for you!

Business Incentives promote your bisiness!

It is quite common practice now-days for businesses to give away some sort of gift to either attract new customers, show appreciation to existing customers, or even to reward an employee who does a really great job.

They call that a business incentive. You want your business incentive to be memorable, to the customer or  person receiving it. Businesses know that a satisfied customer is going to praise your business to all of their friends.



Everyone loves to take a vacation.

Which incentive would you rather have:

  •              10% discount on your next purchase .
  •              Four day vacation in the Bahamas
  •              Free desert with purchase of entree

USA Today, on their recent survey, stated that “93% preferred travel over other incentives.

Increase your business by 15 to 30%.

1) Attract new clients.
2)Make a sale – Close the Deal
3)Give you the edge over competitors.
4)Save a sale – Save a complaint.
5)Fix a complaint.
6)Get referrals – Get recommendations.
7)Show appreciation – Give THANK YOU Gift.

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